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The meaning of Bongolala

The bongolala way of life is inspired by the Swahili proverb: “Haraka haraka, haina baraka”, meaning “Hurry, hurry has no blessings”. Ultimately, it’s all about the journey in life that counts, not the destination. Our bongolala brand embodies this proverb by ensuring that the journey of every product is intentional. We intentionally source ethical materials for each product. We only work with local designers, ensuring every product is handmade in Croatia or Tanzania. We believe that by doing this, Bongolala can make a difference.  

Our Mission: bongolala’s mission is to celebrate creativity and diversity through our ethically handmade limited-edition and original contemporary collections.

Our Vision: Our vision is to continuously strive to maintain an ethical and empowering brand as we discover new sustainable materials and designers.


Our story: how it started

It started long before our launch in 2018. Ours began when Petra, bongolala’s founder, fell in love with African arts and crafts.

Petra was born in Croatia but spent 35 years working at her own graphic design firm in Africa, specifically Tanzania. During this time, she worked with the UN, NGOs, private companies, and set up exhibitions with local artists.

This was where the love affair began. And she soon became an avid collector of different art from local painters and sculpture artists.

She decided to move back to the beautiful island of Mali Lošinj in Croatia with her husband and first child. And in 2018, combining her two walks of life with European style and African influence, bongolala was born. 

Read more about Petra in this online article.