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Creative designers

Meet our team of exclusive designers, each very talented and creative as the next, contributing their original contemporary designs and handmade products to bongolala. 

Bongolala Brand


In 2019, we started our own line, working with Croatian designers and artists to create unique, limited-edition products. We make women’s clothing, handbags, earrings, aprons and home decor items such as pillowcases. Owner Petra’s concept behind the bongolala brand is to bring together the two threads of her life in Africa with her life in Europe, combining European style and traditional craft with the beauty, originality of African fabrics.

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Sovica Handmade

This family business is owned and run by artist and mum, Helena. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Sovica’s unique children’s plush toys are all designed and handmade by Helena, with the rest of her family lending a helping hand when needed. Helena combines her distinctive designs with African wax fabrics, adding one-of-a-kind products to our collection.

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Empowering designers: The Mabinti Centre

The Mabinti centre trains young women who are recovering from fistula surgery in screenprinting, sewing, beading and crochet. The centre aims to assist trainees in developing the knowledge and skills needed to earn an income and become financially independent. When finishing the course, each graduate is supplied with a starter kit that contains all the necessary tools they would need to start their creative journey, like a sewing machine, scissors, fabric and a calculator. We collaborate directly with the Mabinti centre, bringing you exclusive handmade products that empower the designers who make them.

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