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What is Bongolala

From the Swahili words for ‘brains’ and ‘sleep’, Bongolala means a laidback, relaxed and easy-going life.  Our collection of ethically-sourced and beautiful African and Croatian-inspired creations will help you do just that.  

Let us captivate you by simple things—from the colours of seasonal fruits and veggies to the shades of blue of the Adriatic sea and wistful feelings left behind by places lived, travelled or yet to be discovered.

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About us

Petra and Maura met in Tanzania in early 2000s when they worked together for a small boutique hotel. Their friendship grew over the years as life led them on different paths. But they always knew that one day they would “do something together”. And this is how Bongolala was born.


Our artists

We put people first. We chose to work with organisations that pay fair living wages to the artisans and provide safe working conditions.  We value and promote culture and traditional skills in order to preserve them.


Bongolala Brand

Our brand

We celebrate creativity and diversity with limited-edition and original collections. We are constantly evolving as we discover new sustainable materials and artisans who upkeep traditional skills.


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“Having also grown up in Tanzania but now living in South Africa, I love Bongolala because it reminds me of my East African childhood home. I especially love the Maasai jewellery from Sidai Designs – it’s unique and modern yet also authentically Maasai. I get compliments all the time when I wear it.”

~ Tamara Sutila, Cape Town

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